How to Screen Print T-shirts at Home Easy | How to Screen Print 4 Color Process | Leonardo Dicaprio

How to Screen Print T-shirts at Home Easy | How to Screen Print 4 Color Process | Leonardo Dicaprio Hollywood Actor.
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👉 Silk screen printing
Screen printing is a printing technique whereby a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil. A blade or squeegee is moved across the screen to fill the open mesh apertures with ink, and a reverse stroke then causes the screen to touch the substrate momentarily along a line of contact. This causes the ink to wet the substrate and be pulled out of the mesh apertures as the screen springs back after the blade has passed.
👉 T- Shirt Screen Printing
Screen printing technology can be applied to many materials such as plastic, cloth, glass, clock face, electronic circuit, some metal products, wood, paper
Especially, silk printing is most used to print on fabric material: printing T-shirt. Screen printing is a great process for larger order of printed t-shirts and larger designs. Screen-printed t-shirts wash well and can maintain the print quality for some time.
👉 Leonardo Dicaprio
Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio (born November 11, 1974) is an American actor, film producer, and environmental activist. [3] DiCaprio started out by appearing in television commercials in the late 1980s, after which he starred in television series such as the Santa Barbara series and sitcoms Growing Pains. He started his acting career as Josh in Critters 3 (1991). He starred in the film adaptation of his memoir This Boy’s Life (1993), and was praised for his supporting role in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993). He received public recognition for his leading roles in The Basketball Diaries (1995) and Romeo + Juliet (1996), before gaining international fame with the romantic epic Titanic. (1997) by James Cameron, which became the highest-grossing film of all time until Cameron’s 2009 science fiction film Avatar (2009) broke the record.

Since the 2000s, DiCaprio has received a lot of praise for his career in a series of films. His later films include The Man in the Iron Mask (1998), the biopic Catch Me If You Can (2002) and the epic Gangs of New York (2002) His first collaboration with director Martin Scorsese. He received acclaim for his critically acclaimed roles in the thriller Blood Diamond (2006), the Boston Crime drama (2006), the spy thriller Body of Lies (2008) Revolutionary Road (2008), thriller Shutter Island (2010), science fiction Inception (2010), biopic J. Edgar (2011), western film Django Unchained 2012) and the movie The Great Gatsby (2013).
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